Tips on Great Hotel Deals

In this post I will write some of my experienced on how I find a Hotel  deals, this post not related to find the cheapest hotel, but how to find a 4-5 stars hotels that affordable yet get a benefit when you staying there.

You may booked  hotel these days by your hotels search engine, such as or and many more. I did that too at the beginning of my travelling. As you know there are many type of travelers, The one that going on vacation once a year or maybe twice a year, that hotel search engines may suitable for you, but for a ‘frequent flyer’ business man type, or people who travel in long stay or the true explorer that travel more than several time a year that search engine may not work for you in long term. For me I just feel something missing, the benefit. for example when I was in HK, the hotel I booked request additional fee for wifi, or when In Tokyo, the hotel ask cash money for deposit, its cut a quarter of my shopping cash. It just sucks rite?

Than some how I find this loyalty member things trough some other travelers, I start doing research and I find most of of  hotel chains have one. Accor hotels, SPG, Hilton etc. And you might get lost, is it beneficial for a long run? My answer yes. I have sign up few of those loyalty membership, they all have pros and cons. I will make each review about it later on. But the one that I used very often now is Accor Hotels loyalty program. This post is my true honest experienced, and I dont get paid for this. ( I wish) I just want to share.

Now, why you should join that loyalty program?

  1. You will get point on loyalty of course, I recommended you to join 1 loyalty program otherwise you will bit confused, and your point will stuck. as you know the more points you get the more benefit you will get. and when your status level up you will get more extra services.
  2. The hotels chain will valued you more, as for Spg member you they had a special floor dedicated for you, better views or it might slightly bigger room,  As for Accor loyalty member you might get upgraded rooms. It happened to me when in Phuket, I booked standard room at Novotel Kamala Beach and turn out I got a cottage with private pool on your rooftop. Isnt that cool?
  3. They help you more and take care of you better. Once I lost my passport few hours after I landed in Shanghai, as you know, no passport no check in. I stayed in Grand Mercure Shanghai, its around midnight that day, and the manager let me stayed without hesitation. Its almost a miracle for me, otherwise I will have no place to stay. The other great thing is the manager accompanied me to the police station and helped me report of the crime, as I dont speak Chinese, he be the translator for me. The other time I was landed  early morning about 5.00 AM time in Seoul, I stayed in Westin Seoul, freezing time in winter. They break the rules by let me have early check in without additional fees. We talking 5 stars hotel, Is that just feel amazing that someone acknowledged you and privileged you that way
  4. Added bonus or other benefit such as free wifi, late out check out and tons of great services. As when I decided to stay longer than my 1st reservation in Grand Mercure Shanghai, they give a discount price for executive lounge.You can have discount for room services. and the great things is every purchased, you still get the points.

Then you might say that those hotel search engine give you points too rite? Its true, but when you have that member card you will be not charge for wifi as I do, or they will even not charge deposit on your room, at least not with cash money. Because they believe in you

The other question is, all those booked with loyalty program have cheaper price? I can assumed yess if you booked with breakfast, and some hotels did cheaper, but dont worry because the difference is only a small amount of money. Nowadays some hotel chains like Mariott and Hilton will match the lowest price you can find and give you freebies or further discounts on top of it. As an added bonus, by contacting the hotel for their price guarantee and booking directly with them. My tips , each hotel has the different system for handling price-matching request, so check their website before making a claim. If your claim is approved, the extra discount are added automatically. And please subscribed the loyalty program news letter, as in Le Accor club have a 40% discount twice a year, so watch closely for all the offer.

As I said before, there are many type of traveler, so you might known for yourself what work for you. Choose the right benefit on your term and condition from them. Do the research before applying one loyalty program,stay loyal to them, and you get rewarded in the long run. Happy choosing…and just think this is as investment..

Upgrade room at Novotel Kamala Beach
Upgrade room at Pullman Kuala Lumpur


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  1. madihafmh says:

    I like your photography skills!

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    1. maxymilano says:

      Wow, thank u, you are the first person saying it… lol


  2. Love these tips! Thank you!


    1. maxymilano says:

      Thank you for the comment, nice to meet u Lidya…


  3. Lan says:

    Great tips! Love it


    1. maxymilano says:

      Thank you for coming…

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