Hi, my name is Maxy Milano, this isn’t my real name, but I have been used it for a long time all in my social media. I love privacy so thats why I dont used my real name, the other reason is my name is not easy to spell. Maxy Milano is my alter, the cooler version of me.I breath, eat, work and living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am a newbie as a blogger, what else?

I love travelling of course, and the main reason creating this blog is for sharing my experienced, I have traveled 10 countries and more than 20 cities, all across in Asia. This year I might go to different continent.

My style of travel is a bit different from everybody, I like to spent on Hotels more than sitting in a business class, so I dont mind using low cost airlines. But fancy hotel is a must for me,  I worked as Interior Designer. So I need  to be inspired.

I start travelling in the end of 2014, and I am a poshpecker. Hope to find friends through this blog, that has same interest with me. What this blog about : my travel diary (some guidance for you by my experienced), my personal chronicle (scattered thought, and random things about me, anything that I like), my style log ( mainly about travel lifestyles, bit about travel fashion),  and my life memoir ( my narcisistic kind of thing, maybe you will hate me for this)

last but not least I want to show you the alternative angles of travel experience that may give you inspiration for adventure.